Stiff and light for the automotive engineering.

Due to filed bending technologies and our experience of many years in the handling with fine-grain structural steels, we can produce ready-to-install carriers and parts for the body in the highest stability but the lowest weight.


Accuracy of the laser for the engineering.

We produce huge precise steel sheet pieces with complicated geometry and accurately fitting breakthroughs. Even in the engineering and the plant engineering the highest possible precision is very important. Our recent laser technologies cut the most complicated outlines in an accurate positioning into the precasted profiles. The time-consuming and individuel construction of the tools is not required, so that you have an advantage in time and costs.


Precision in large-scale production in the crane construction.

Also huge sized components out of fine-grain structural steel up to a quality of STE 1100 are our daily business. Precise components up to a length of 15 m are in action in booms of telescoping cranes, carriers in deck cranes or liftgates.


Individuel profiles for bridge construction and civil engineering.

We bend and cut long profiles in the highest possible precision for the individuel construction of tunnel supports, sheet pilings and the securing of collieries.


Functional elegancies for the building construction and fronts.

Aesthetic and functional scope in the highest achievement: with our individuel produced profiles of galvanized steel sheets we can see to it that the constructors and the architects can implement their creative and sometimes exceptional ideas perfectly. Whether in individual production or in mass production for huge construction projects: we prove our capacity all over Europe.


Stiffness for ships.

The ship building and the offshore section need their own requirements for the profiles, the carriers and the other steel sheet parts. We fulfill these requirements and we also deliver huge dimensions according to the individual technical designs.


Quality modules for the railroad.

We produce total units for considerable producers of the railroad manufacturing: precise in the cuttings, which are designed for a longlasting maximum load, and we can deliver the modules without any delays.


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